SuperDrone Quick Setup

The easy way to set essential settings of your SuperDrone! Make sure your SuperDrone has a connection to the internet. Scan the unique QR code on your SuperDrone. Enter all relevant data and you are ready to fly!

Can't establish connection to your SuperDrone. Make sure that your SuperDrone has an internet connection (WiFi).

Basic Data

SuperDrone ID:

First Name
Last Name
e-ID (EU Regulation)

Flight parameter

Movement speed

Automatic landing

Maximum height

Route Data

Preplanned flying

Preplanned route
48.683741, 11.551147

48.685767, 11.554838

48:685470, 11.556598

48.684549, 11.555932

Connection loss

48.682892, 11.544423

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20359 Hamburg
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